Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ham, Egg and Potato Breakfast Pie

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! This was the first Christmas that we had at our house with family visitors and the first time that I was in charge of the meals. I love my family traditions but I decided I wanted to switch up our breakfast menu just a little bit. My family would always have an egg casserole as part of our breakfast and while it's yummy, I just felt like trying something new this year. I got this recipe from a recipe club years ago and I've always wanted to try it. So I made it Christmas morning and I have to tell ya, it. was. AWESOME! The entire family loved it. This pie has officially replaced the egg casserole and is now part of our Christmas breakfast tradition.

The pie is filled with freshly sliced potatoes, onions and ham, grated cheese and an omelet sandwiched between two layers of flaky, golden puff pastry. It's savory, breakfast heaven. I paired it with our traditional apple turnovers for a little sweetness and wassail. It made the perfect Christmas morning breakfast. There are several steps to making this pie but they are all easy and it is so worth the little extra effort. You're family will love you for it!!!

Ham, Egg and Potato Breakfast Pie


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