Friday, July 12, 2013

The 6 BEST Summer Desserts

To finish up this week's recipes for the perfect barbecue I thought I'd give you not one, but SIX of my favorite summer dessert recipes. 

First up is S'mores and if this doesn't say it's summertime than I don't know what does! It's not always possible to gather 'round a campfire to enjoy this traditional summer treat so here is a recipe for s'mores that you can make at home. It combines s'mores with brownies and the result is gooey, chocolaty deliciousness. You should definitely give these babies a try because s'mores are good but these brownies are simply amazing!

I'm usually all about the chocolate but this has got to be one of my favorite desserts. It's so light and fresh and perfect for summer. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tartness. I make it with a graham cracker crust and then top it off with homemade whipped cream and sliced limes for garnish. It is seriously perfection. So if you're looking for the perfect bbq dessert, look no further because this is it!

I dream about this ice cream. Burnt almond fudge is not a flavor that I would normally choose when I go get ice cream but this homemade recipe is just heaven. It combines two of my favorite things, chocolate and almond flavoring. If you like nuts than you can top it off with some lightly salted, baked slivered almonds. It's the perfect cool, salty-sweet treat.

If chocolate's not your thing and you're a lover of fruit ice cream than this one is for you! Even if you do prefer chocolate ice cream (which I do) you'll still love this. Sometimes I just crave fresh fruit ice cream and this always hits the spot. This ice cream is creamy and full of fruity flavor with strawberry and banana chunks mixed throughout. It's light and fresh so you won't feel bad going back for seconds.

Oh guava cake, how I love you. Not only does this cake look like summer but it tastes like summer. This traditional Hawaiian cake has three layers. The bottom layer is cake flavored with real guava juice, followed by a cream cheese/cool whip topping, and then finished with a guava juice gel. It's light, fresh and irresistible. I dare you to make this and eat just one piece!

I love cake but there's nothing worse than dry, over-baked cake. This is not that kind of cake. This cake is drizzled with cream of coconut right out of the oven when it's warm making it soft, super moist and yummy. Instead of frosting it's topped with cool whip and then sprinkled with flaked coconut. It's perfection in a pan!

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