Monday, July 1, 2013

Teriyaki Chicken- Hawaiian Style

Day 5 on summer grilled chicken week. I love, love, LOVE this recipe! I originally posted it almost 3 years ago and I remember that without looking because it's been almost 3 years since my son's first birthday. You've probably heard me mention it a time or two on this blog that my husband is half Hawaiian. My father-in-law is from Maui so my husband, and now also my kids and I, have been able to be a part of the Hawaiian culture. One of my favorite parts of the Hawaiian culture is of course the food and I have some of the best traditional Hawaiian recipes.

So what does all of this have to do with my son's first birthday??? Well, in Hawaiian culture the first birthday is celebrated with a big luau so we threw a really fun luau for him and of course the food was delish. Since luaus are all about the food, my husband and I wanted to make sure that we used the best recipes so we turned to our family friend Kalani. Kalani has the BEST luau recipes hands down. He was kind enough to share his teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef and kalua pork recipes with us and they are all A-MAZ-ING. This post is just about the teriyaki chicken but don't worry, I've included links for all of our luau recipes. :)

Now, the secret to this recipe is the Aloha brand soy sauce. Do not, I repeat DO NOT substitute with another brand like Kikkomen or anything else like that. If you do I promise it won't taste as good and you will be seriously missing out! This recipe is very simple and easy to make even though the instructions look a little long. Just make sure you read through it completely before you start making it to make sure you understand everything.

Whether you're planning a luau or just want the best grilled teriyaki chicken out there, you HAVE to try this recipe. Seriously, try this recipe. Throwing back to my super cool junior high/high school days, it's the!

My cute husband grilling away 3 summers ago.

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