Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crunchy Bacon Coleslaw

Coleslaw, it's one of those things that people usually either love or hate. I'm on the fence about it. A really good coleslaw served with barbecue is the best but it's just flat out unappetizing if it's soggy and has no flavor. It's got to have a good sauce and it's got to have good texture. That's why I love this recipe because it has a great tangy sauce and a good crunchy texture from the bacon and peanuts. I mean how could adding crumbled bacon to coleslaw not be good???

I like to serve this with ribs or pulled pork sandwiches but it would be yummy with just about any barbecued or grilled main dish. Besides taking a few minutes to shred the cabbage, this coleslaw is so super easy to mix up which is perfect for me because I usually have 5 things I'm trying to make at once plus a couple of cute little munchkins vying for my attention. Make this for your next barbecue, not only will it be delicious but it will add pretty color to the table as well.

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