Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet and Spicy Barbecued Chicken

Day 4 on summer grilled chicken week and nothing quite says it's summer like good old barbecued chicken. When it comes to barbecue sauce there are a lot of store-bought options out there but there's really nothing like making your own sauce from scratch. You're probably thinking why take the time to make my own sauce when it's so much easier to just buy a bottle of barbecue sauce that I like? I'll tell you why, because this recipe is dang good and so super easy to make!

Just like the name says, this sauce is sweet and spicy. The brown sugar gives it a nice, subtle sweet flavor, it's got a bit of a tang from the apple cider vinegar, and the tabasco gives it a little kick. The chicken doesn't have to be marinated ahead of time so you can quickly whip up the sauce and have barbecued chicken in no time. So easy, so delicious and so perfect for summer!

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