Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Macaron and The Macaroon

My mom was in town last week and went to this cute bakery near my house and got us macarons. I have absolutely loved macarons ever since I went to the famous Laduree in Paris a couple of years ago. The Laduree bakery was established in 1862 and was later transformed into a pastry shop where the sandwiched macaron is supposed to have originated. The variety of flavors and colors of macarons at Laduree is amazing, it makes picking just a few not an easy task!

Macarons have increasingly become popular everywhere which is not surprising because they are awesome! As they have become more and more popular, I have noticed that there is some confusion about the name 'macaron.' I often see people call them 'macaroons.' So I've decided to put the record straight so hopefully there won't be any more confusion. Here is a brief synopsis of both the macaron and the macaroon plus a few pictures of my trip to Paris.

The famous Laduree Macarons

Besides macarons, Laduree has an amazing selection of pastries. This heavenly pistachio concoction was my favorite!

Don't mind that I'm 7 months pregnant here and as big as a whale!!! I still can't believe that I traveled to Europe so huge and pregnant. But it was an amazing trip and our hotel was right across the street from Laduree so naturally we had to go there several times! :)

So I hope you enjoyed this little history lesson and hopefully there will no longer be any confusion about the difference between macaron and a macaroon! :)

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