Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Easter Rolls

One of my favorite things about Easter is getting together as a family and eating really good food. Who am I kidding, that's my favorite thing about every holiday! I believe that food plays a huge roll in making holidays special and to help make my family's Easter menu special I like to make these delectable rolls of sweet goodness. These rolls are the perfect addition to any Easter or Spring meal whether it's for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a yummy snack. They are light and sweet and the combination of the orange zest with the toasted coconut rolled up in the middle is just scrumptious. To top it off they are drizzled with a glaze and then sprinkled with more toasted coconut.

While these rolls are pretty easy to make, they do take a little time (like making cinnamon rolls) so just make sure you read through the entire recipe first before you make them. But definitely make them, you won't be disappointed!!!

Toasted Coconut

Orange Zest, Sugar and Toasted Coconut Filling

Rolled out and sliced into triangles

Rolled up and ready to bake

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