Monday, May 7, 2012

A-MAZ-ING Lasagna

We invited some friends over for dinner a few nights ago and I wanted to make something that was really good but also something that wasn't too difficult or stressful to make. I decided to make lasagna since I could prepare it ahead of time and then pop it in the oven right before our guests arrived. I feel like lasagna can sometimes be a more homely dish and not very impressive for dinner guests but this recipe is amazing and perfect for entertaining. Everyone loved it including my husband who readily admits that he's kind of a food snob. The key to this recipe is the combination of the ground beef and Italian sausage. It makes the lasagna so much more flavorful. I served this with a salad and garlic bread and it was absolutely perfect!

A-MAZ-ING Lasagna


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April said...

Sounds delish! Do you think you could do the noncooked noodles instead? My mom always does them uncooked in her lasagna because they cook in the oven.