Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Train Birthday Cake

My son turned 2 a few months ago and he is obsessed with trains so I decided to make a train cake for his birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to get a lot of great ideas and this is what I came up with. For the train engine I used this cake mold and for the train cars I used a small loaf pan. I used pound cake recipes for the actual cakes so that they would be firm enough to stand up and keep their shapes. I used my pistachio bundt cake recipe for the train engine and my chocolate chip pound cake recipe for the train cars. I had so much fun making this cake and not only was it delicious but my son and all of his cousins LOVED it!


Elpiniki said...

Amazing! This is just beautiful!
Love your blog!
Nice finding you!
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Jayci said...

that is a REALLY cute train car - I bet Mont would have been in seventh heaven with m&ms in a train!!

Mom on a Mission said...

The best part of this cake was that it tasted even better than it looked! Thanks Val.