Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

I love garlic mashed potatoes. It is seriously one of my favorite comfort foods and this recipe is nice and simple and so delicious! I have the ingredients and some of amounts listed below, but the great thing about this recipe is that you can add more or less of each ingredient to make it taste exactly how you want it to. I am getting so hungry just thinking about these potatoes and I just had breakfast, which is kind of gross I know, but these potatoes are just heavenly!

Garlic Mashed Potatoes



T. Driaza said...

I saw your recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes in a local magazine here in Utah. Can't wait to try it. Love your blog and the recipes! I saw your coconut cake, and it is definitely on my list to try out now! I kinda have the same concept, but try to lean more towards cooking also. Feel free to follow & snag ideas if you'd like:
I'll make a shot out on my blog of your recipes from time to time! Thanks for sharing!

lmcgee said...

I also saw your recipe in the magazine! It was kinda funny actually...I saw the pic of the cupcake and thought "wow, that looks an awful lot like Val's pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake"! I then looked further down the page and saw that it was indeed yours! Way to go! As always I love your blog!

Caryn said...

So excited about your recipe going into the magazine! I'm so proud of my amazingly talented daughter!!!

Jayci said...

I have had this recipe up on my webpage since last night and I can't stop staring at the picture! they look sooo good. Is there a certain flavor of packet you choose? Is it the ranch flavor? (sorry if that is a dumb question! haha)

Valerie said...

Hey Jayci! That is not a dumb question at all! In fact I sent Tyler to the store to get me the ingredients for this and told him specifically to get the salad dressing and seasoning mix and and he was like ya, the ranch mix and I said NO it has to be the salad dressing and seasoning mix. So when he got home and gave me the packet, sure enough it was the ranch mix. So to answer your question, yes, get the ranch packet. I hope you like it!