Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baked Apple Pancake

Here is another recipe that needed a much deserved update. I usually save this recipe for special occasions because it's not really on the healthy side of things, but boy is it delicious! But it's filled with apples so that's got to be healthy, right??? It's basically a baked pancake filled with apples, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla, so what's not to love?!?! It almost has the texture of a german pancake rather than a regular pancake. I like to top it off with a little dusted powdered sugar but if I'm feeling really naughty I drizzle it with more sweet goodness. So in reality this pancake becomes more of a dessert, but who's complaining? This dish is so bad but SO good!

Baked Apple Pancake



Andrea Coles said...

Wish you would've posted this one yesterday and then I could've had it for breakfast today! Haha. I'll just have to make it for Saturday. It looks SO good and Spencer absolutely loves anything like this so I'm definitely making it ASAP.

michelle said...

I don't really like cooked apples, but my husband loves them. This would be a perfect Father's Day food!