Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Banana Bars with Brown Sugar Frosting

These bars are simply heaven! I got this recipe from the recipe club that I go to and this one is definitely a keeper. These bars take banana bread to a whole other level with the creamy, brown sugar cream cheese frosting. I had to have my husband take a few plates of these bars into work so that I wouldn't eat them all myself because they're so yummy and tempting!

Banana Bars with Brown Sugar Frosting



Katie said...

These sound so good, I'm going to try them asap :) Thanks!

michelle said...

Oh ho! I even have some ripe bananas!

Charis said...

Wow- these are heavenly. I'm so happy I found your site! I used wheat flour (yuck) but they turned out soooo good. I also used plain yogurt in place of the butter (trying to cut a few calories) and again- super yummy. I didn't dare try to cheat on the frosting. :)

Bri, Ash and Ty said...

Um, these are amazing!