Friday, March 12, 2010

And the Winner is.....

BriAnne Snow! Congratulations! I guess the 'good thoughts' you sent to really paid off! If you would like to email me your address to then I will get your prize sent out to you right away. :)

I also want to thank everyone who entered in the giveaway. I had so much fun reading all of your comments and I really appreciate all of your love and support! It makes me feel so good to know that people are benefiting from all of the time and effort I put into this blog. And although I can't send everyone a cupcake recipe book, I would like to show my appreciation for all of you by posting a deliciously yummy cupcake recipe from giveaway book. This week has been a little crazy so I will try to get it posted by tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks again everyone and I can't wait until the next giveaway!!!

*I also want to thank my cute and talented friend Jessica who designed the new look for this blog. You can check out her blog at  Thanks Jessica!!!

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Micah and BriAnne said...

Oh my gosh!! I never win anything! haha! I would like to thank....;-) Thanks so much! I'll email you right now!!