Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today is my birthday and to celebrate I thought I would post a cake. Now I didn't really feel like baking for myself today so I've decided to post this AMAZING cake that my mom got for the baby shower I had last year. My mom ordered this cake from this fabulous bakery in Provo, UT called The Sweet Tooth Fairy. The link to their website is on the right hand column under Favorite Websites and if you click on the 'View our Cake Slideshow on Flickr' link under the Cakes menu on their website you will see this cake! So sorry this isn't an actual recipe post, but if you're ever in Provo you definitely need to stop by this bakery. Not only do they make amazing cakes, but everything else they have there is just heavenly. I probably gain five pounds every time I go there but it is so worth it!!!

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