Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

This is one of the first recipes I ever posted on this blog and I thought it was about time that it got a little update. These little chocolatey nuggets of goodness are so scrumptious that it was pretty much a crime that the recipe was stuck at the very back of the blog probably never getting noticed. So I took new pictures and reposted it so that it can get the attention it deserves!

I'm not a huge marshmallow fan but I love these cookies so much! They are soft, chewy and chocolatey and pretty much addicting. I can only make these when I have people coming over or when I plan to give them away or else I'll eat them all myself. When I make them I use my mini cookie scoop so that they are perfect, bite-size little cookies.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies


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Caryn said...

Yum! I'll have to come visit you when you make these. If I make them at home I will want to eat all of them myself. They look beautiful.